Snickers Caramel Apple Salad

Yes, it is as delicious as it sounds...unless you think it sounds gross, haha. In that case, it is delicious and you need to try it!

6 apples, chopped into bite sized pieces (red, green, or a combo of both)
6 regular size Snickers candy bars, chopped into bite sized pieces
12oz container of Cool Whip
5.1 oz box of Instant Vanilla Pudding
Caramel ice cream topping for garnishing
Milk, if desired, to help thin the pudding mix (1/4 cup or so)

In a large bowl, combine the dry pudding mix and the cool whip (if desired, add milk to the dry mix first, then combine with the cool whip).
Add in the chopped snickers and apples. Mix well. It takes a little bit to get everything covered, but it is so worth it!
Top with the Caramel and enjoy!

This makes a large batch, so if you are making it for only a few people, try cutting the recipe in half. Mine got a little watery by the next day....still edible but didn't look as appealing.

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